Team Synergy

Want to give your high-performing team a challenge? Then we have just the workshop for you: it’s called Team Synergy and it’s aimed at creating positive change in the workplace. When your team could use some fresh ideas on how to collaborate better, Team Synergy is there to bring your star players together to work as a team.

When What You Need is Collaboration, Not More Competition…

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-BuildingMany of our workshops are designed around the principle that friendly competition in a supportive environment fosters initiative and improved teamwork skills. Team Synergy is a little different. Many high-performing groups like yours are already quite competitive- what they need is a way to show mutual respect for each others’ ideas and work as a team rather than a group of individuals.

What they need is collaboration, not competition.

What is Team Synergy?

As your group makes its way through a day of fun yet challenging modules designed to bring out their collaborative styles, they’re learning the value of working together. When presented with obstacles which can only be overcome by helping each other, they’re reinforcing concepts of teamwork which are directly transferable to the office environment.

How Does Team Synergy Work?

The modules are designed to bring out individual styles of interaction. These are the very same styles that determine how they relate to the group in the office, so by working to improve them we’ll be working to improve workplace performance.

Teams will also be assessing their own progress – don’t worry, our professional facilitators will lead them through it. Then, based on their discussions, each group will adjust their plans for the next round of activities.

This is advanced communication, but don’t worry- our curriculum designers know how to make it all seem like fun! Without even realizing it, your group will be working on some or all of the following skills:

  • creative problem solving
  • thinking about the big picture
  • dealing with limited resources
  • collaboration with co-workers

Can Your Team Meet the Challenge of Team Synergy?

As you can see, your team will be working hard during this workshop- but remember: it’s designed to be fun! It’s a high-energy, fast-paced workshop that’s created to get results.

As your team members are asked to make connections between workshop activities and the workplace, they’re communicating on a whole new level- one they may not accustomed to.

Can they rise to meet the challenge? We think they can because we purposely designed Team Synergy to gradually bring any group through a progressive series of modules so that by the end they’ll be communicating like the champs you know them to be!

Give us a call today and we’ll show you how Team Synergy can bring your team together.