Team Fusion

Does your team need some TLC? Team Fusion™ brings to you the opportunity to focus on specific areas of concern that prevent your team from performing at optimal levels. Perhaps your company is undergoing significant change, disrupting the normal flow of work. Or maybe your company is growing rapidly and your team is having a hard time adjusting. There are so many factors that can prevent your group from focusing on the work at hand.

Team Fusion ™ is just what can bring your group back into focus- hence the name! Just like all our other teambuilding workshops, Team Fusion™ involves fun yet challenging activities designed to form bonds within your team and improve workplace skills at the same time.

What Challenge May We Help Your Team With?

Team-Fusion-Corporate-Team-BuildingTell us your team’s challenges and we’ll show you how Team Fusion™ can bring them together. Each Team Fusion™ workshop is custom designed with your team in mind so they can face their particular obstacles.

The emphasis is always on better communication with the Team Fusion™ workshop events. The more we know about your team and your goals, the better equipped we’ll be to create the perfect custom workshop for you.

A Custom Workshop Begins With You

That’s why the first step to Team Fusion™ is a consultation with you- there, we’ll discuss what you’d like for your team to accomplish, and we’ll listen. Only by listening to you can our curriculum designers gain the knowledge necessary to create your custom event. The right mix of challenge, fun and motivation ensures your team will come away from the workshop refreshed, renewed and ready to work as a team back in the office.

A Team Fusion™ Event for Leaders

Another level of customization follows when your group is comprised of leaders. In that case, our team will borrow from our Campfire Leadership program which is designed for managers and other leaders.

One more option available to you is to incorporate modules which take a look at personality styles. Depending on your group and their particular challenges, this is often an effective way to build bonds among co-workers.

The Team Fusion ™ is Just the Beginning

We all know that teambuilding and improving workplace performance are ongoing processes. When there are challenges your team is facing, teambuilding requires almost constant effort, it seems.

That’s why Team Fusion™ doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Our facilitators know the right questions to ask your team so they stay motivated, even long after the workshop has ended.

If you’d like to learn more about how Team Fusion™ can help your team meet their challenges, give us a call today.