DiSC Personality Training Workshops

Take Your Team To The Next Level With DiSC™ Personality Training!

What would you think if you came into work next week and noticed dramatic changes in the way your employees performed. Imagine they’re accomplishing new things, impressing you every day. Now imagine your management team shows vast improvement in the following areas:

  • understanding what motivates their teams
  • steering their teams away from internal conflict
  • consistently leading their teams toward success

Believe it or not, these are common goals of groups who experience our DiSC™ Personality Training Workshop. It’s not unheard of to expect these kinds of results from the DiSC program, which we are proud to be able to offer you and your team.

What is DiSC Personality Training?

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerThis special workshop is designed for groups who require a little something extra and who can handle some high-level team development. DiSC™ Personality Training is a modern personality assessment that’s geared at using knowledge of personality types to improve workplace performance. We’re proud to be an authorized facilitator of this program.

What it’s not is a personality “test”. That’s because there is no right answer when it comes to personality types. We are what we are, and each individual contributes to the group his or her own unique set of talents. This workshop focuses on getting team members to recognize these types and to appreciate the diverse set of ideas, talents and skills that accompany a wonderful variety of personality types.

Leaders Learn to Harness Variety

In other words, DiSC™ Personality Training teaches managers to learn from their team and harness the differences in personality styles so they can put them to good use in the work place.

But it’s not only managers who learn the value of working with a diverse group of minds- it’s also team members…and when that happens, you will really start to see results! Everyone can benefit from new insight into personality styles brought into focus by the DiSC™ Personality Training Workshop.

Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong!

What You Can Expect After Your DiSC™ Personality Training Workshop

Go ahead and set your sights high! DiSC™ Personality Training offers concrete results that are completely applicable to the workplace environment. Here are just a few of the many improvements your team can take back to work with them:

  • improved awareness of personality styles which leads to greater appreciation of individual strengths
  • a recognition of DiSC™ Personality styles which leads to greater understanding of customers and clients. That leads to improved customer service!
  • Improved teamwork, leading to greater efficiency
  • respect for individual differences, leading to better collaboration skills
  • better conflict resolution abilities

Your team will take away a greater sense of how to make good connections…both with each other and with the outside world, whether it be customers, clients or the surrounding community. Call us today and ask about setting up a DiSC™ Personality Training workshop for your team.