Completely Custom Team Building

Our Completely Custom Team Building Allows for Anything and Everything™

Anything-Everything-Custom-Team-BuildingThis is a completely customized workshop for your team. From helping you set team building goals to the final moment of the event, this workshop is all about you: it’s completely customized around your objectives, your company’s culture, your style and of course your particular group’s areas of concern.

It All Starts With You

Bring us your group, and we’ll draw from our vast resources of team building modules -Anything and Everything™, whatever it takes for us to help you meet your goals. During a needs assessment we listen closely and take down everything you have to say- tell us the outcome you desire and we’ll work backward from that to build the perfect series of activities designed just for your group to reach those goals.

A One-Of-a-Kind Workshop

After the initial consultation, our curriculum designers had back to the lab and pull from their “library” of activity modules to hand craft your workshop. Whether it’s areas of concern you need to address, or you simply need to cross some language barriers among your group members, our talented team will assemble the right blend of activities for a completely customized workshop aimed at meeting your objectives.

  • If collaboration is the focal point, we’ll leave out the more competitive activities, which serve a different purpose in team building.
  • If you’ve got a morale issue in the office, we choose modules designed to bring people together and feel good about what they accomplish as a team.
  • If you’ve got a group of high-performing individuals who need a challenge, we’ve got that covered too!
  • If your team is a group of managers, we can borrow from our specialized leadership program to craft a workshop for them.
  • Need to break down communication silos? We’ll set up a workshop that ties in directly to your group’s personality, your company’s culture and tackle any specific issues that may be causing the problems.

Fun and Engaging, One Size Does Not Fit All!

Anything and Everything™ workshops draw from 50 years of team building industry knowledge, which means our curriculum designers use only what’s proven to be effective. After they’re done crafting your custom workshop, it’s anything but Anything and Everything™! It’s a finely crafted series of modules which have been cherry picked just for your group.

Not only that, but our professional facilitators, with an average of 15 years of experience, really know how to engage any type of group. They’ll help your team explore new ways of achieving success and open up a range of possibilities for problem solving they may never have considered. It’s a high energy atmosphere which may include interactive initiatives, roundtable debriefing sessions, tabletop activities or field activities- Anything and Everything™ you need!

Positive Change

Part of creating positive change is fulfilling a social mission. That’s why there’s always a charitable aspect to Anything and Everything™ workshops. Even if your workshop does not involve anything to be donated, we’ll make a cash donation.

The Anything and Everything™ can be any length you desire. We’ll make the arrangements for the receiving organization to get their donation, and even invite them to a ceremony if applicable.