The Big Picture Mural Team Building

Everyone Lends a Hand in The Big Picture™!

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-BuildingIf you could imagine the perfect outcome to a day of team building for your group, what would it be? Imagine your team completely refreshed, inspired to put their “all” into work projects. Imagine they can’t wait to contribute to group projects and share their ideas. That’s the goal of The Big Picture™, a workshop designed to improve communication skills and teach team members the value of each others’ contributions to everything they do.

The Big Picture™ Brings Everyone Together

Your group will have a blast as they discover each others’ personality types throughout the workshop activities. The goal is a group artwork project that’s completed as a collage of team members’ contributions…much like you’d like some of your office meetings to go! And that is precisely the goal of The Big Picture™: team members learn the value of a variety of input from different sources…each other!

In a fun, collaborative environment purposely designed by our curriculum planners to encourage your team members to let go of fears about contributing their ideas in a group setting, The Big Picture™ shows everyone that everything works better when we all participate.

What is The Big Picture™?

The art project is a collaborative effort designed to bring your team members together and appreciate each others’ input. The collaborative style of this workshop encourages everyone to participate, knowing that although not every idea is a winner, each one is a valuable contribution nevertheless. After all, one person’s nugget can inspire a whole series of ideas in other people. It’s a collaborative brainstorming style that works in so many scenarios, including the work place.

Inspire Creativity in Your Team

The The Big Picture™ literally becomes a large work of art- the patchwork style is meant to symbolize the patchwork of ideas that come from a successful meeting at work, where solutions are found as a result of group efforts.

Each participant will learn whether he or she is a Picasso or a Monet – in a fun yet challenging workshop demonstrating that it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

After the event, the art materials are collected and packaged up to be given to an art program in the community. Your team creates a masterpiece and fulfills your company’s corporate social mission! Everyone wins in The Big Picture™.

Call us today and we can help you learn more about how The Big Picture™ can help your team reach its full potential.