Amazing Scavenger Race

The Amazing Scavenger Race

Amazing Scavenger RaceSet your team up for success with the Amazing Scavenger Race, a “field operations” workshop that puts teamwork skills to the test.

It’s all about practice working together as a team, as your group races across town to achieve a series of fun goals set out for them by our facilitators.

Practice makes perfect, and given enough practice, they’ll begin to perform better as a group in the office, too- it’s just like any other team in sports. The more chances they’re given to perform, the better they get. The Amazing Scavenger Race gives your group plenty of opportunity not only to put their teamwork skills to the test but to also enjoy a day out of the office and into the neighborhood for some high-energy team building activities.

A Custom-Designed Scavenger Race Just For You

We’ll design the event with input from you- give us your ideas or a general theme and our workshop creators will create a race that’s not only fun and hilarious but which also engages everyone for a day of effective team building.

How Can Something So Much Fun Also be Effective at Building My Team?

As sports coaches know, there’s a right way to train a team. If your goal is for everyone to practice their skills working as a team, it’s about how the practice, not just how much they practice. With the Amazing Scavenger Race, the goal is to have every participant completely engaged in the group effort of completing the race. How do we do this?

Well, our seasoned educators know that practice which follows a clear-cut pattern of:

  1. action
  2. feedback
  3. adjustment
  4. action again

Research shows that these four steps are what it takes for individuals to improve their skills. It’s exactly this structure which forms the basis of our Amazing Scavenger Race workshop.

If you want the whole routine for your group, we can have the workshop designers work in an additional dimension of debriefing your team to cover key points of effective teambuilding. Some of the skills covered in this event:

  • measuring success
  • assessing and adapting
  • using feedback

How it Works

Using a specially created website, teams will upload photos of themselves at each Scavenger Race location…they get points for how creative they make their photos. Everyone’s favorite part is the slideshow viewing at the end- all the photos are shown for a hilarious conclusion to the day.

The Amazing Scavenger Race offers your group a fun way to strengthen their team bonds and practice their communication skills in a different environment. You’ll notice an uptick in energy levels not only as they make their way through the race but also back at the office as they build on the bonds they developed during the Race.

If you’d like to learn more about the Amazing Scavenger Race, please give us a call today and we’ll put together a custom race for your team.