Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building

Wheelcharity ™ for Teambuilding and Giving

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-BuildingYou can set your team’s goals higher by choosing a teambuilding event that not only improves their skills but also supports a charitable organization. That’s Wheelcharity™, a results-oriented workshop that helps your group fulfill their social responsibility for a cause everyone can get behind.

The Value of Learning and Giving

It’s been proven that when teams work together to pursue a common goal that they all believe in, they will work harder and learn more. With our popular Wheelcharity™ workshop, that’s exactly what happens. The workshop was developed as a way for companies like yours to help with the growing demand for wheelchairs in every community.

You see, about 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs and as everyone knows, wheelchairs are very expensive yet completely necessary mobility devices. Many people simply can’t afford them, even though they offer life-changing prospects to those who need them.

Improve Collaboration & Communication Through Competition

Your team will work together to build wheelchairs, which are then donated to a charitable organization that matches the wheelchairs with those who need them the most.

Together, your team learns new ways of communicating and collaborating as they work through activities created by our expert curriculum designers. They’re not only enjoying building something together: they’re improving valuable skills that will be easily transferable to the office environment.

Our four-step process of building a workshop (Challenge-Activity-Debrief-Transfer) means your team comes away with a sense of accomplishment plus some valuable new skills.

Wheelchairs for Local Hospitals or Wherever You’d Like Them to Go

We can suggest an appropriate charitable organization for receiving your team’s wheelchairs or you can suggest one of your own. We’re completely open to your desires- and that goes for the workshop as well.

The workshop can be tailored to fit the personalities of your team, your goals or your corporate culture. Usually the latter half of the Wheelcharity™ workshop entails teams trying out the wheelchairs they built in an obstacle course -they get a sense of what it’s like to maneuver in a wheelchair and the games are fun for all.

However, if you’d prefer, we can skip the obstacle course and go for something more creative instead: teams can decorate their chairs with messages of inspiration for the recipients – either way, they’re bonding and working towards a common goal…teambuilding!

Please give us a call or fill out a quote request today if you’re considering a teambuilding workshop in the near future. We can discuss Wheelcharity™ or suggest other workshops which also have a charitable nature.