Wagon Team Building

Building Hope With Wagon Builders™ Wagon Team Building Workshop

Wagon-Team-Building-Charity-Team-Building-LogoHere’s a workshop that shows your team how it’s better to collaborate than to compete. We’ll show your group, through expertly crafted activities, how working together means success, whether it’s about building a red wagon for a local family or problem solving at the office. In fact, we’ll help your team members make that connection between workshop lessons and the office environment.

This innovative charity team building workshop draws upon the nostalgic imagery of those classic red wagons form childhood. You know the ones; they get pulled around by kids, toting treasures. The Wagon Builders™ Team Building Workshop also has an option which has team members fill those red wagons with items that families can really use.

It Takes Collaboration to Fill a Red Wagon!

Participants will learn that the only way to get their little red wagon assembled and filled is to work together. If they compete against each other, their group will lose out. It’s a wonderful lesson for all groups…and lessons learned are easily transferred to the office environment. Our professional facilitators will make sure of that!

Who Knew A Little Red Wagon Had So Much to Give?

Your team will build rapport by finding ways to capitalize on each others’ strengths to build the wagon. They’ll also strengthen trust in one another as they learn their individual strengths and how they contribute to the collaborative process.

Not only that, but they’ll also …

  • improve communication- that’s always a plus in any environment!
  • learn to tap into creative resources to solve problems
  • boost morale
  • motivate each other
  • increase their effectiveness as a team

So, by recognizing individual & unique contributions to the wagon building process, the team becomes more efficient. Now that’s a good lesson for future success…all from a little red wagon!

Contribute to Your Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Wagon-Team-Building-Assembling-WagonWe’ve always taken CSR seriously here, and now that an ever-growing number of companies are adopting the concept, we’re happy to help them achieve their goals. Our Wagon Builders™ Team Building Workshop is designed to help your team develop workplace skills, but by centering that goal around charitable activities like building wagons full of basic family staples and presenting them to local charities, we’re also building hope.

You may choose any charitable organization that fits your company’s culture and mission- it’s part of our service to form those connections in the community and make bridges for your group. If you choose to opt for filling the wagon, we are happy to make sure the items that go into the wagon workshop are appropriate to your charity of choice, too.

Whenever possible, we extend an invitation to the charitable organization for someone to attend the end of the workshop for a presentation ceremony.

The Wagon Builders™ Team Building Workshop lasts 2 1/2 hours but like all our workshops, it can be tailored to fit your schedule.

Call us today or request a quote, and let us make your event a success!