Stuffed Animal Team Building

Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building- Help our First Responders Help Kids in Crisis

Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-BuildingVery few people know this, but police officers, fire rescue squads and paramedics are known to use stuffed animals to calm kids who’ve just been involved in traumatic events. That’s why they carry a stash of these “Rescue Buddies”, as they’re called, and that’s where our Rescue Buddies Team Building Workshop comes in.

This charitable workshop has team members actually create the stuffed animals. This takes place via skill-developing activities expertly crafted by our curriculum planners to engage and motivate every participant. Then the animals are donated to an emergency response team in the surrounding community, for a finale that brings everyone together.

More Than Stuffing Teddy Bears!

Of course the mission is for your team to work together to develop relevant workplace skills. They’ll be given challenges and obstacles before they’ll be able to complete their bears- they may even become frustrated with the obstacles thrown their way.

Rescue-Buddies-Bear.jpgBut it’s these obstacles and the process of overcoming them, that present so many learning moments for your team. We set the stage and the group does all the work. Afterwards, our professional facilitators lead the group through debriefing activities designed help them make connections between their workshop problem solving strategies and the workplace. Hopefully each participant gains insight on how each individual contributes in unique ways, yet it all comes together in the name of teamwork.

Working together to meet challenges more effectively is the purpose of this workshop, but the goal is so much fun!

Philanthropic Team Building at its Best…and Totally Customizable

We all know teams work better when there’s a common goal they all believe in. That’s easily achieved when they’re creating Rescue Buddies for emergency responders. Your team can even choose where they’d like to donate the animals- we’ll arrange it for you.

In fact, call us and talk to us today- we can customize the workshop in other ways as well. We’ll always keep in mind your organization’s unique culture and your team’s goals when putting together a workshop for you. The workshop is 2 1/2 hours long but that too can be customized to fit your goals. Combine it with a classroom-based workshop for a full day of team building.

For an extra heart warming finale, we can arrange to have a representative from the emergency response team come to the final stages of the workshop for a truly bonding community event!