Puttin Pantry Miniature Golf Team Building

Puttin Pantry™: Challenge Your Team and Support a Charitable Mission

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoDo you know the difference between “Team Building” and “Team Bonding”? We sure do, and that’s what makes workshops like Puttin Pantry™ a success. Team bonding is easily accomplished through fun group activities that bring your team closer together. Team Building takes thing a step further and brings a challenge into the mix. The result? Your team goes back to work not only refreshed but also armed with new skills that will make your workplace more efficient and your employees more productive.

Now throw into the mix the opportunity to give to the local community and develop your company’s sense of corporate responsibility. All this in one workshop! Puttin Pantry™ does indeed combine the challenges of practical teambuilding exercises, the fun of bonding through group efforts, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from working with a charitable organization.

How Does Puttin Pantry™ Work?

Your team will work together to create, build and test mini golf courses, competing with each other for the best one. The challenge comes when they see their “building blocks”: non-perishable food items! But there’s a purpose behind those unusual tools: at the end of the day, those food items are gathered and donated to a local food pantry.

Why This Workshop Succeeds

There are several reasons why this is not only one of our most popular workshops but also a very effective one…it combines creativity, organization, and mechanical skills so anyone can find his or her strength and get into the action.

Creativity comes from the first phase of the workshop, where participants are asked to envision their design before implementing it. Just like in real life, designing a golf course takes some imagination…and with a group, this becomes a nice test of their communication skills. Here are some more skills they’ll be using to design and build their golf courses:

  • sharing ideas/brainstorming
  • resource management
  • using feedback and adapting accordingly
  • organizing the group into appropriate roles to achieve success

From start to end, Puttin Pantry™ covers a wide range of tasks and activities, so no matter what each individual member’s skill set, there’s room for everyone to get involved and show their strengths as well as develop new ones. It all makes for better communication and greater efficiency back in the office, which means everyone wins in this game of golf!