Mission: Military Care

Mission: Military Care Teaches Courage, Success and Real Skills for the Workplace

Mission-Military-Care-Team-BuildingWhen it comes to being courageous, we all know our military men and women are among the best of us. That’s why so many companies now seek to fulfill their social mission by supporting our military in some way. And what better way to show corporate social responsibility than to offer team building activities that include a charitable aspect.

With Mission: Military Care, you can do both…put your values to work and let your team show your company’s support with a workshop that benefits our military service men and women. Your group will appreciate that they can make a difference and you’ll appreciate the team building skills they’ll learn.

Teams Learn About Courage From Those Who Know it the Most

In this workshop, teams will take a cue from our military service members as they learn to redefine success. Success can be defined as courage, and teams work from the notion that when individuals explore new options for communication and develop the courage to test new ways to approach solutions, everybody wins.

Obstacles set up for the Mission: Military Care workshop will progress through increasingly challenging modules, building on team members’ confidence to open up new lines of communication and work together in new ways.

Team Building With Practical Applications

A fun day of team building is one thing, but the real success takes place back in the office. The activities that comprise Mission: Military Care are directly applicable to the workplace because they mimic scenarios from real life. One example is when people encounter an information overload in the workplace: activities are designed to help team members practice sifting through loads of data to find a solution quickly.

Helping Each Other as We Help Out Service Men & Women

The activities in every Mission: Military Care workshop are designed to be not only fun but also challenging and informative for your team members. Your group learns about team building and has a fun productive day but real motivation behind this workshop comes at a higher level: the knowledge that they’re all working together towards an end: assembling care packages for our military service men and women.

We work with nationally recognized charitable organizations such as:

Wounded Warrior Project | Operation Homefront | Operation Shoebox

As your workshop comes to an end, the care packages are prepared for delivery to one of these organizations, and from there they’re off to brighten the day of members of the military who need it most. It’s a positive gesture that fits perfectly with your company’s mission of corporate social responsibility.

If you’d like to learn more about how you and your team can develop real workplace skills and help give back to our Military service men and women, give us a call and ask about Mission: Military Care.