Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care ™ Teaches Your Team To Prepare for Success

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-BuildingGet your team ready for success as they get local kids ready for school- it’ s a double mission and preparation is the theme with our Mission: Kids Care™ workshop. Designed to improve your team’s workplace skills as they work together to assemble care packages for local kids, this workshop brings social responsibility to the table along with workplace skills and a fun day of well-planned activities.

Helping Kids Prepare for School Gives Purpose to Teambuilding

The back-to-school season brings with it lots of stress for some families who can’t afford to purchase the school supplies necessary to begin a new year. Enter Mission: Kids Care™, a workshop whose end result is care packages of school supplies for kids going back to school.

The care packages are put together by teams during the workshop, which weaves in essential workplace skills as they progress from one activity to the next. By focusing on the common goal and having fun helping kids prepare for school, your group is also developing their own planning skills.

The Importance of Planning, The Value of Collaboration

The Mission: Kids Care™ workshop draws upon the power of working for the common good- that’s the charitable aspect. Activities are designed to show the value of planning, the importance of which is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced office environment. Teams learn that when things are planned well, efficiency and productivity are improved as well.

By helping kids prepare for school, team members are learning the value of preparation themselves. They also learn that everyone has something to contribute- a concept that transfers easily to the office environment. Your team will also improve the following:

  • collaboration skills
  • measuring success
  • the importance of preparation
  • organizing a group to achieve maximum effectiveness
  • defining when success has been achieved

As team member work through the carefully planned activities led by our professional facilitators, their confidence is strengethened as they take on new roles in order to get the job done. Assistants become leaders, and managers take orders as your group stretches beyond predefined roles within the supportive framework of this highly popular workshop.

Customizing Mission: Kids Care ™ for Your Group

The Mission: Kids Care ™ workshop can be customized to fit the theme of any group or any time of year. Care packages can also be developed for kids in shelters or any kids’ charity your groups chooses. Please call us or fill out the quote form to discuss your needs and how we can develop the best workshop for your group.