Charity Giving Stations

Want to make an impact this year?  Charity Giving Stations can help.

charity-giving-stations-logoThe writing is on the wall: people want their employers to make the world a better place, and they want to help.  To get your team actively involved in the corporate giving process, choose our Charity Giving Stations event and watch the room come alive with the spirit of giving.

How does this unique event work?

We’re all about teamwork skills, but for this workshop we’ve left out the explicit lessons to make time for lots of donation activity.  Teams get right down to brass tacks in this event, and begin building items right away.

Everything they build, assemble, or create will go do charitable organizations.  Your company can choose whichever charities they prefer, or we’ll suggest some if you need ideas.  We can even suggest how to pick the the right blend of donation items, depending on your group’s personality or your company’s social mission.

Bicycles, wheelchairs, and more…create your own mix.

Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-Building-12When it comes to your time and money, it’s important that a charity event like this matches what your group stands for.  That’s why we give you a choice with Charity Giving Stations.  Building bicycles usually works for everyone (it’s our most popular charity event), but some groups like making something that benefits a wider segment of the community.

For instance, Wagon Builders™ sets your group up in wagon-building stations.  Then, they fill those little red wagons full of donations matching your intended charity.  It can be almost anything…household goods for families, basic toiletries for women living in shelters, or toys for kids during the holiday season.  Got more ideas?  Bring them on and we’ll make it happen!

  1. Bike-A-Thon™ Bicycle Building
  2. Wheelcharity™
  3. Rescue Buddies™
  4. Wagon Builders™

Choose one type of donation from the list above or combine them to get your group working on several types of donated items at once.  Wheelchairs go to hospitals, vet centers, or anywhere that needs them.  Rescue Buddies™ are stuffed animals complete with birth certificates your group creates.  They go out to first responders who use them to comfort children who have experienced some sort of crisis.

Making corporate social responsibility accessible to all.

Your company can choose to include its employees in its mission of CSR, or it can simply write a check.  More and more, companies are doing the former and getting everyone involved.

Charity Giving Stations is one way for employees to become part of the giving…they arrive ready to build and we take care of the rest!  By embracing active involvement in the giving process, companies form stronger bonds with the communities that surround them.  It just goes to show, there’s so much more to a philanthropic state of mind than writing a check!

Charity Giving Stations make great holiday parties.

Since the focus is on producing donations, this event is perfect for holiday events.  Why not celebrate the season of giving by actually giving back?  It’s a fun-filled yet practical solution for how to hold a holiday event that everyone can enjoy- no corny gift-giving swaps or embarrassing appearances by Santa.  It’s getting back to the true essence of the season: giving.

…and networking

charity-giving-stations-wheelchairsThis workshop is also perfect as a networking event.  As participants move about the room from station to station to complete their donations, they’re encountering lots of other people.  The collaborative and positive atmosphere lends itself wonderfully to making introductions and getting to know new people.

What if your group is large?  No problem- this workshop functions well for any size group.  We’ve held a Charity Giving Stations event for 450 people in the past!

…and conferences!

For conferences where there’s a lot of sitting and listening…well,  Charity Giving Stations was made for that!  People love a chance to get up and be active between speakers or after meetings.

There are many other ways Charity Giving Stations can help your group, even if your goal is just to have fun and produce some donations.  To learn more, call us or fill out the quote form and we can answer your questions or explain how we’d customize this event for your group.