Charity Team Building

Charity Team Building: Your Team Deserves More

If you’ve ever sat through a team building event that left you feeling awkward, bored, or just plain silly then welcome to the new generation of Corporate Team Building workshops…designed just for you. You see, team building isn’t just about having fun- it’s about meeting challenges and being inspired to grow as a team.

Charity Team Building Offers You a Chance to Invest Your Training Dollars

All our workshops are designed with a creative, dynamic approach to team building that actively engages each individual in challenging activities expertly designed to achieve a specific outcome. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible we’ll offer your team a memorable experience, leaving them refreshed, refocused and better at getting things done.

By offering our clients well-designed learning programs based on clear objectives, we’re offering them the chance to see a return on investment for their training dollars. A fun day of games might not last beyond the end of the day, but a professionally constructed workshop based on sound principles of training and development will continue to deliver, long after the activities are finished!

We Start With Your Goals

The first step towards creation of a successful team building workshop actually begins with you: we listen to you and discover what you want to achieve. Don’t worry: if you haven’t clearly defined it, we’ll help you during the needs assessment phase of the program.

We Turn Your Goals Into Workshop Objectives

Once we’ve determined what your goals are, and once we’ve gained a sense of your corporate culture, we set our professional facilitators to work designing a workshop for your team. Some of the team building objectives we can help you with include:

  • strengthening the sense of community within your team for improved collaboration skills
  • creating a stronger awareness of group goals over individual success
  • improving communication skills so team members can share information, solve problems, and generally achieve success in a more efficient manner
  • fostering a sense of collaboration over competition (for high-performance groups)
  • developing awareness of individual personality styles and how they work within a group environment for better overall group dynamics

You’ll Appreciate Our Four-Step Model for Team Building Success

Using our own four-step model for ensuring you get return on your investment, we infuse each and every workshop with the underlying principles outlined in the Challenge-Activity-Debrief-Transfer model:

  1. Challenge. Workshop activities incorporate cognitive and physical tasks.
  2. Activity. With the activity of completing challenging tasks, group dynamics will emerge.
  3. Debrief. Professional facilitators lead your group through discussions designed to help them see connections between workshop activities and their performance back in the office.
  4. Transfer. Debriefing accommodates transfer of lessons learned to the workplace environment.